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Writing a novel is an adventure.

Revising a novel is an undertaking.

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Little Guy

Little Guy!

Professional Novel Editing from a Normal Fiction Editor

Little Guy Editing is dedicated to the outsiders, rule-breakers, and misfits. We're not snooty, and our editing is always thoughtful and thorough.


We believe that everyone deserves space on the bookshelf, which is why Little Guy Editing pledges to keep our professional editing services competitively affordable.

We welcome submissions from indie or self-published authors in search of professional fiction editing—all genres and all levels of experience.

How Little Guy
Edits a Novel:
Eight Little Steps

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Little Guy!

Step 1: You ask us to edit your novel.

Step 2: We agree to that.

Step 3: You send your full manuscript.

Step 4: We ask for a deposit.

Step 5: You agree to that.

Step 6: You wait a few weeks.

Step 7: We return your edited manuscript.

Step 8: You pay the balance.

Little Guy!

First impressions and practical advice from a professional novel editor.

Detailed margin notes on the fundamentals: plot, character, worldbuilding, and more. 

Line-by-line editing for

word choice, grammar,

and syntax.

Editing things that aren't novels: role-playing games, blog posts, and more.

Little Guy!


Little Guy!