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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you reading now?
How long does an edit take?

Anywhere from two to eight weeks after your start date. (I'm a slow, careful reader.)


Editing a whole novel requires more than one read. An edit also depends on the scope of the project, the type of editing service, and editor availability.

Why is novel editing so expensive?

Because it's a lot of work! Regardless, Little Guy Editing promises to keep our editing rates competitive.


Have you checked out our Big Little Beta? It's unrivaled in price.

Who is Little Guy?

I'm an editor and writer who doesn't want to take up a lot of space. Maybe you, too, are little like me, but that's up to you.

Why did you reject my manuscript?

Likely for one (or more) of the following reasons:

  • I have a scheduling conflict.

  • Your manuscript wasn't ready for the service you wanted.

  • I don't feel comfortable taking your money because of the subject matter.

What a rejection isn't, however, is a reflection on you personally or as a writer. Everyone is deserving of love and respect. 

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