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Line Editing

$35 per 1,000 words ($0.035 per word)

Line editing comes after developmental editing. An editor revises the text of a manuscript in accordance with widely accepted standards regarding word choice, grammar, and syntax.

  • Word choice is the use of precise and effective language. 

  • Grammar is the system of rules governing language.

  • Syntax is the arrangement of words in a sentence.

Good line editing prepares a manuscript for its final proofread, formatting, and publication.

Are you ready for line editing?

  • Have you undergone dev editing? At least one round, sometimes more, and preferably with Little Guy Editing.

  • Is the architecture of your story where you want it? Line editing focuses more on language arts than it does storytelling principles.

How Little Guy performs a line edit

All line editing is conducted through Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature.


Once an author receives their edited manuscript, they can approve or ignore each edit with one click. It's your novel, so you control what goes in and what stays out.

Editorial standardization helps us do our jobs, stylebooks are not gospelBy default, we edit in American English and consult the following industry standards as primary references:

  • Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (for spelling)

  • The Chicago Manual of Style (for everything else)

  • Garner's Modern English Usage (for everything else else)

If an author would rather employ a style that departs from these standards, they should talk to their editor about the creation of a personal style guide at no extra cost.

Ready to submit your manuscript for a free sample edit?


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