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Ode to the Little Guy: An Introduction to Little Guy Editing

Updated: May 5, 2022

You’re a first-time author, and you’re not big potatoes. You don’t have an agent or a book deal with a major publisher, but what you do have is a completed manuscript in need of editing.

It’s a story you’ve always wanted to tell. It’s about rebellion, or heartbreak, or finding yourself, or losing yourself, or a crystal sword in the skeletal hands of an undead wizard.

Or maybe you’re one of those unstoppable indie authors and this is your fourth self-published manuscript in four years. You’re writing a saga that spans a hundred galaxies and a dozen political dynasties, but none of it has left the folder on your desktop.

Or maybe it’s a short story where a grizzled detective investigates the mysterious death of an oil baron, or where three teenagers discover friendly ghosts haunting an abandoned carnival in 1960s Atlanta. There’s a good chance the right magazine would publish it, but no matter how often you submit, your work always lands in the slush pile.

Whatever the case may be, you’re not big potatoes, so you’re afraid.

Afraid of being the only person who likes your story.

Afraid of carrying the weight of editing all by yourself.

Afraid of succumbing to that great weight and never publishing anything at all.

Afraid of whether you’re even good enough to even call yourself a writer.

You’re just a little guy.

Well, I’m a little guy too. I’m not big potatoes either.

But like you, I treat the craft seriously. I know what I’m talking about, and if I don’t know, I find out. I put in the hours, and I put in the hours after those hours.

For years, I have helped writers like you see their work from new perspectives. I challenge them in ways that bring fire to the page. And I give a lot of encouragement. After all, our words are part of who we are, and even little guys like you and me have stories worth sharing.

Let's defeat that evil wizard together. Let's return that sword to its rightful kingdom.

Let's discover why twenty-seven planets signed the galactic peace treaty—and why three outright refused.

Let's commune with ghosts to learn what makes them so restless.

From one little guy to another, let's tell your story. To hell with anything less.

If you’re an indie author looking for a creative fiction editor with insight and imagination, then send Little Guy Editing the first five hundred words of your manuscript today for a free sample edit and quote.


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